TAMCO Group manufactures and distributes lighting and electrical products under six great brands: TAMLITE LIGHTING™, FUSION LAMPS™, F4P™, MCG INDUSTRIAL™, RPP™, and CENTAUR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION™. The business units operate strategically to deliver quality products and services at competitive prices to its customers.

Our Brands

Tamlite Lighting provides a full range of lighting fixtures serving the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Tamlite produces and continually innovates its product offering to meet the demands of today's customer through its US manufacturing capabilities.

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Fusion Lamps understands the future of lighting and its' product offering reflects it. Check out our wide-ranging product offering of LED bulbs and lamps, in addition to offering fluorescent, HID, Lamps and Ballasts

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F4P offers a wide array of every day electrical products and materials, including tape, wire connectors, Heatshrink, cable ties, SLA batteries and extension cords. F4P's quality products are designed with its namesake in mind – to be "First for Performance".

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Centaur Electrical Installation manufactures and distributes premium electrical installation components. Including flexible conduits in a variety of metallic and non-metallic materials, as well as their respective connectors and a wide range of EMT and Rigid fittings.

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MCG Industrial specializes in industrial motor controls and automation products. While recognized for its large product offering of individual components, MCG offers a variety of custom-built solutions. Its' UL 508 certification supports the expertise of the team and the quality of the products produced.

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Where To Buy

Offered exclusively through City Electric Supply, find your local
City Electric Supply branch or contact us directly.

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About Us

Quality Driven

At TAMCO, every decision begins and ends with quality. Our Research and Development team, and Quality Control department work together to ensure that the highest quality products are designed, manufactured and sold. Our customers can count on quality products the first time and every time.

High Performance People

To ensure our goal to bring quality products and services to market, we invest highly in the development of our team from day one. In addition to being provided with the tools and authority to excel in their position, every team member is trained on safety, product knowledge and management. This serves two purposes: to improve their abilities in their current position and to prepare them for future opportunities.

Customer First

Consistency is key in customer service. That’s why TAMCO maintains a “customer first” attitude in every area of its business. Customers can expect an experienced team member to answer their questions or concerns in a timely and accurate manner. The foundation of our business is building strong and lasting relationships with our customers.

Listening to Learn

In order to meet the needs of today’s discerning consumer, active listening is paramount to success. That’s why TAMCO has made a conscious effort to actively seek customer feedback and apply it so that we can adapt our products to market needs. As a manufacturer, this allows us, in some cases, to adapt in real time, exceeding expectations.

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Main Office - United States
  • 11675 SW Tom Mackie Blvd.
    Port Saint Lucie, FL 34987
  • Lighting: 772.878.4944
  • Electrical: 772.408.5211
Main Office - Canada
  • 10 Perdue Court
    Caledon, ON, L7C 3M6
  • T: 905.495.4432

10 Perdue Court
Caledon, ON, L7C 3M6
T: 905.495.4432

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